Dance Class Helps Cancer Patients Battle Disease

Dance is a wonderful way to connect emotionally and physically with others, making each of us an integral part of our communities. But what is the solution when physical challenges keep people from the human connection most of us take for granted? Freedom Through Dance Foundation is here to help those with physical disabilities to learn the patterns and skills of ballroom dance and then enjoy the self-esteem and personal confidence that ballroom dancing provides.

Freedom Through Dance Foundation Receives “Make A Difference Award”

Make A Difference Award PhotoLindsey Dechant and Sarah Cauley represented Freedom Through Dance Foundation at the awards ceremony.

Mile Hi Church joins the 17th Season for Peace and Nonviolence in which communities all over the world find creative ways to both teach and celebrate the principles of peace and nonviolence.

The Freedom Through Dance Foundation was honored with the “2014 Make a Difference Award,” recognizing the organization for taking a stand for peace or nonviolence, celebrating oneness, and making a difference in the lives of others.

Lindsey Dechant, professional dancer and founder of the Freedom Through Dance Foundation (FTDF), accepted the award along with Sarah Cauley, an FTDF student with cerebral palsy. “By enabling individuals with physical disabilities to participate in the art and sport of ballroom dance, students are able to benefit physically and emotionally, and discover pathways to more active and socially engaged lives,” said Dechant.