There is nothing more rewarding than the glow of success of our students.

Dancing for me is something that I never thought would be a reality. I firmly believe that dance can improve the lives of others with similar disabilities – not to mention it is great exercise for anyone! No matter what their dreams are, my hope is to inspire others to step onto the ballroom floor of life and take a spin!


I’ve never been much in to dance, but now it gives me the chance to romance my wife and makes me feel alive.


I never danced much growing up, but given the opportunity it makes me feel like I’m a part of something special.


I love dancing because it gives me confidence and I can exercise and have fun at the same time… and it makes me very happy.


I love to dance because it gives me the ability to be creative and express myself, and it makes me feel free.


I look forward to my lessons because I get to learn new things and it makes me very happy.