Lindsey Dechant is a professional dancer, teacher, and coach. She brings over fifteen years of gymnastics and musical theater experience to her dancing and teaching.

Ms. Dechant has taught blind, deaf, and wheelchair-bound students to ballroom dance. She has prepared her physically disabled dancers to compete in national ballroom competitions against non-disabled persons, where they have won awards. She brings a unique passion and proven skill-set to her work with people with physical disabilities, and desires to use that passion and skill-set to teach and inspire students and dance instructors alike in studios across the United States.

Ms Dechant began her professional dance career in Minnesota with the local Fred Astaire Dance School. She instantly rose to the top of her school and began winning many Fred Astaire sponsored competitions in the American Smooth and Rhythm division.

From 2006 to 2014, Ms. Dechant taught ballroom dance at Colorado Dancesport, where she worked to improve her teaching skills and has developed special techniques to teach ballroom dance skills to persons with physical disabilities.

Ms. Dechant acquired Overstreet Dance Center in 2014 to continue to provide social and competitive dance lessons to students, as well as to provide a venue for other independent dance instructors to teach their own students. This studio serves as the home base for Freedom Through Dance Foundation, and provides instruction to dance instructors from across the nation.

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