Maja Servé began her dance training at age 13 in Arhus, Denmark. At 18 years of age she moved to London in pursuit of an architectural career. She danced with Lars Jorgensen from 1985 to 1988, training mainly in England. Her coaches at the time were Glenn Weiss and Bob Burges in standard, and Espen and Kristen Salberg, Michael Stillianos and Lorna Lee, and Walter Laird in Latin. She was ranked in the top 48 in Latin and Standard at Blackpool. In Denmark she was a Standard Finalist and a Latin Semi-Finalist.

In 1988 she started dancing with Glenn Weiss. Together they trained with some of the most legendary teachers in the dance world including Bennie Talmire, Richard and Janet Gleave, Michael and Vicki Barr, Bill and Bobby Irvine, Anthony Hurley, Robin Short, Rita Last, Wilson Barrera, Peter Eggleton, Bob Burges, and Sonnie Bennick. Together they achieved a great number of prestigious awards.

Ms. Servé is a 5 time Danish Champion in Professional Standard dance. She has been a World Professional Standard finalist in all major championships including: the World Championship, European Championship; the British Open; the International Championship; the United Kingdom Championship; the German Open; the United States Ballroom Championship; the Japan Open; and, the Dutch Open. She is the International Dance Teachers Association (“IDTA”) Fellow in Latin and Standard and Terpsichore, North American drama Therapy Association (“NADTA”) Member in Smooth, Rhythm and Theater Arts.

Ms. Servé has been a coach and teacher to: the World Professional Latin Champions of 2010 – 2012; the British Open Youth Standard Champions; the US Amateur Champions; the Estonian Amateur Champions; the World, European, United Kingdom Championship and The International Championship finalists; and, the US Professional finalists in Standard, Rhythm and Smooth.

She has had the honor of representing the United States as a judge in many championships all over the world. She is trained in the Body School system of dancing and teaching. She has taught many champions in all styles in the twenty years that she has lived in the United States. She brings a unique prospective to the dancers because of her extensive training in the accent teachings and human potential. She has also been trained as a Life Coach by Bob Proctor from the famed movie/book “the Secret.”

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